Sushil Ravikumar

"Food is one of God’s greatest gift to mankind and should be treated with more love and respect. Food is something that we should all enjoy and not be afraid of as it’s all about sensible and balanced eating. I love food cooked using fresh, seasonal produce and believe in keeping it simple and authentic."


In 2013 Sushil Ravikumar, IT specialist, husband and loving father, entered Masterchef NZ competition in the hope of winning. Sadly he did not take out the title but he is definitely winning in real life and following his food dream. Labelled the politest and most respectful contestant in MasterChef history, Sushil was a fabulous contender and a big favourite with the public. 


It became apparent after spending three months in the Masterchef kitchen that Sushil had a huge amount of passion; enthusiasm and determination and that he would go onto pursue his dream of becoming a professional chef and sharing his style of cuisine with the world. 


Since leaving the Masterchef kitchen Sushil has become one of the few contestants on the program to take his passion for food to another level and work in a professional kitchen.


He was offered a job at Simon Gaults restaurant, Pravda when the program wrapped up and is still working there now.


Chef Josh Emett said that he “loved watching this guy (Sushil) Cook. He was like a man possessed“ In “every single challenge he gave 200% - and his curries were some of the best I’ve ever tasted”.


Sushil hosts a series of cooking classes across NZ and runs his own private catering company, “Sushil’s Tasty Manna”. He also operates a Gourmet Indian Fusion food stall in events around Wellington selling street food delicacies with a unqiue twist.